Twenty-five years of experience in the installation market, as well as our own testing laboratory and agreements with the best sub-suppliers, have allowed us to prepare an exceptionally well-chosen range of products for you.


Reliable, resistant to external factors, system of internal installations.

Advantages of the system:

  • reliable and durable (even over 50 years!)
  • perfect for internal water supply and heating networks
  • homogeneous and highly aesthetic, suitable for wall mounting
  • for use in new and renovated buildings
  • physiologically and microbiologically neutral
  • chemically resistant – total absence of corrosion
  • smooth (roughness 0.007 mm) – no encrustation (overgrowing by stone), better hydraulic properties
  • self-insulating (thermal conductivity 0.22 W / mK) – limiting the cooling of water in the installation
  • totally harmless to the environment
  • susceptible to recycling


  • installations of cold and hot water and central heating in residential and public utility buildings
  • air conditioning installations
  • refrigeration installations (ice water)
  • pool installations
  • agriculture – irrigation systems and soil heating
  • technological installations – compressed air, chemical media, food media (dairies, breweries)

Operating parameters:

  • temperature of 80 ° and pressure of 6 bar – heating installations
  • temperature of 60 ° C and 10 bar pressure – water installations
  • max. pressure during continuous operation – up to 25 bar

The coefficient of linear expansion λ for pipes of polypropylene type 3 is:

  • 0.150 mm / m * K – for homogeneous pipes
  • 0.035 mm / m * K – for stabilized pipes (with aluminium insert).