Ground source heat pump technology (GSHPs) is widely recognized worldwide as a premium solution in the category of Renewable Energy Sources (RES). The heat pump exploits the heat accumulated below the Earth’s surface, providing geothermal energy to the building for both: heating and cooling. In modern residential buildings as well as large-scale industrial and public facilities, renewable energy technologies are becoming the design and executive standard. Heat pumps also work well in modernized buildings constructed in older techmologies. In Poland, ground source heat pumps have been achieving positive sales figures for 10 years, proving their capabilities in every climate zone and in various applications.



PRAWTECH company manufactures and develops technologies for obtaining renewable heat from the ground boreholes. Heat accumulated in the ground is not dependent on external conditions, which is why geothermal collectors work practically anywhere – both in rocks and loose soils with variable mixed lithology. An investor deciding to use a ground source heat pump in most cases does not need additional alternative fuel, e.g. gas, wood or coal. It is only necessary to provide electricity to the heat pump, which allows the device to work with efficiency levels reaching SPF = 5. (Seasonal Performance Factor – multigrade heat pump efficiency index. A value of 5 means that for every 1kW of electricity consumed by the heat pump there is an additional 4kW of energy supplied to the building from the ground).



PRAWTECH’s product development strategy takes into account the needs and experience of the domestic market and is based on long-term relationships undertaken by our engineers and traders in foreign markets. More than two decades of construction of production facilities in the field of plastic installations represents the current know-how of the company and guarantees the safety of our customers. We have in mind the latest trends in the construction and installation industry based on the need to respect the environment, so we offer you solutions focused on sustainable development and ecology.



Basic advantages of ground heat pump technology:

  • saves due to high energy efficiency of the device;
  • independence from other energy suppliers;
  • heating and cooling options;
  • trouble-free, long life and highest comfort of use;
  • ecology, limiting the so-called low emission;

The PRAWTECH Ltd. offers the most recent solutions dedicated to ground source heat pumps (GSHPs). The offer we have prepared to the market allows you to comprehensively handle low, medium and high power plants. Our products include manifold chambers, cascade chambers, multi-section manifolds and geothermal collectors together with wide range of accessories. More details is available in Download section.


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