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Dear Customers,

We are pleased to inform you about this year’s excellent market performance of the ground source heat pump sector in Poland and the outstanding success of solutions originating from under the PRAWTECH brand.

As part of the tasks of the National Geological Survey, the latest map and statistics for borehole heat exchangers drilled in Poland for construction projects have been published. It is worth noting that their total capacity according to PGI amounted to as much as 156 MW in 2022 alone! This is undoubtedly a significant contribution to the national RES energy mix.

On the other hand, the latest statistics kept by the Polish Heat Pump Technology Development Organization show that in 2023 sales of ground source heat pumps increased by 23% compared to the same period in 2022. This could mean the installation of a record number of about 9,000 ground source heat pumps in Poland this year. We estimate the total capacity of these installations at no less than 180 MW! As an aside, it can be noted that this is more or less the total heat production from all geothermal installations in Poland, headed by Geotermia Podhalańska.

By supplying nearly 12,000 vertical heat exchangers in 2023, PRAWTECH is responsible for about 56 MW of heating capacity installed this year. The data presented means more than 30% share of PRAWTECH GEOTHERMAL group products in the domestic market for ground heat sources.

Congratulating the success of all those involved in the promotion of ground source heat pumps, special thanks go to our customers and partners of the PRAWTECH GEOTHERMAL brand. This is a great honor and an even greater commitment and responsibility for years to come.

Best regards,
Marcin Franke
Commercial Director