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PRAWTECH company appeared in a prestigious classification of the most dynamic companies, and received the title of „Gazele Biznesu 2010”

This annual ranking is drawn up made in Poland by the “Business Pulse” and includes the fast-growing small and medium-sized companies that despite the economic improvement in the performance record. An important objective is to promote companies which are honest, reliable and revealing information about their results.

Gazelle of Business 2010 is a company that:
– Was established before 2007 and uninterruptedly continued to lead it today
– In 2007 – 09 did not record any loss
– In 2007 – 09 from year to year experienced a growth in sales
– In 2007 achieved sales of not less than 3 million zł and not more than 200 million zł
– At least since 2007 has published financial results in the Polish Monitor B or has made them available to the company Coface Poland or the editorial staff of “Business Pulse”

The award ceremony was held on 10 March 2011 in the beautiful interior of the Juliusz Słowacki Theatre in Cracow.

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